• Pet Eye Infections
    Keeping your pet happy and healthy means keeping a lookout for infections. Your pet can't tell you when they are hurting or uncomfortable, so it is your responsibility to watch Read more
  • Toxic Ingestion / Poison
    Veterinary Care for Toxic Ingestions/Poisonings at Tahoma Veterinary Hospital A variety of plants, chemicals, foods, and other items can be toxic to pets. Unfortunately, many of the most common pet poisons Read more
  • 5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist
    Skin conditions are not uncommon in cats and dogs. However, skin problems are often an indication of other health issues occurring. That's why pet owners need to be aware of Read more
  • Preparing for the Fourth of July: Noise Aversion
    One of the busiest times of the year for animal shelters in Spanaway, WA is the Fourth of July. This is due to the many pets that escape from their Read more
  • How to Feed Your Horse or Pony
    Horses in the wild traditionally fed themselves on roughages. However since their domestication a diet based on roughages with concentrates, where necessary is needed to keep them in prime condition Read more
  • Farm Animals
    Farm Animals The veterinarians at Tahoma Veterinary Hospital provide compassionate and professional care for farm animals in Spanaway, WA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you have large farm animals like horses Read more
  • Pet Dental
    The Importance of Pet Dental Care We've been told all our lives to brush our teeth at least twice a day. But what about the teeth of our furry family members? Read more
  • To Blanket or Not To Blanket
      How your horse stays warm. Because your horse was designed to spend his days roaming outside, he is naturally equipped with tools to keep himself warm when the temperatures start cooling Read more
  • The Importance Of Dental Care
    Home Dental Care for Your PetDental care does not end with a visit to your veterinarian. You need to continue your veterinarian's good work at home by brushing your pet's Read more
  • Spay & Neuter Day Coming!!
    February 24, 2015 is World Spay Day and Tahoma Veterinary Hospital will be offering discounts on all spays & neuters scheduled that day for all dogs, cats and rabbits!Having a Read more
  • Food Allergies
    Our first blog comes from Dr. Strauss, she recommends if you are a pet owner taking a serious look into your pets food to consider if they have food allergies. Title: Food AllergiesSource: The Pet Read more
  • Welcome Dr. Jessica Cooper
    Meet the newest addition to our Tahoma Vetfamily, Dr. Cooper. Dr. Cooper is originally from Duvall, WA. However sheattended Colorado State University Read more
  • Celebrating 25 Years!!
    Celebrating 25 Years Of Business This Year!!!  In honor of our anniversary, look for upcoming promotions to say thank you to all of our loyal clients throughout the year.  Also Read more
  • Dental Month Isn't Just For Dogs & Cats
    IT'S FOR HORSES TOO!!!Oral exams for horses should be an essential part of an annual physical examination by a veterinarian. Every dental exam provides the opportunity to perform routine preventative Read more
  • The importance of spaying/neutering your cat
    From Dr. Jacqui at Fresh Step, for more helpful hints visit her website at http://www.freshstep.com/cat-world/cat-health/spaying-and-neutering/ Having a cat in your life comes with serious responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is Read more
  • How to Avoid Pet Parasites
    Each year, thousands of pets are welcomed into homes across the country. Pet parents know that part of having a companion pet means safeguarding the animal's health and well being. Read more
  • Now Offering Wellness Plans!!
    Tahoma Veterinary Hospital is now offering preventative Wellness Plans for every stage of your dog or cats life!!Early detection through preventative care is key for a happy and healthy pet. Benefits Read more
  • Kitty Litter Tips
    Thinking about getting a kitty or adding another to your family? Here are some helpful litter box tips to keep in mind~Rule of thumb: One litter box per cat in Read more
  • February Is Adopt A Rescued Bunny Month
    Some bunny out there wants to be a part of your family—but he has special requirements to stay happy and healthy. Here’s what to do.BackgroundThey can be trained to use Read more
  • Pet First Aid Awareness Month
    Pets are an important part of many families!! April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and the perfect time to ensure you have the skills to take care of your furry family Read more



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